Val and Mike, Marlboro, VT


How many people does your fridge need to feed? Val: An expandable number. If it’s just the two of us it doesn't have too much in it, but if we start feeding many—as we have now and have often—it starts overflowing. Personally, I hate suspicious things in the fridge and I regularly go through it and throw out stuff I recognize from the month before. I'm not a fridge hoarder. Mike: So that’s why we never have any good food when I go to look for it. Val:  But since marriage is a compromise, I try to leave things in there that I know Mike will like even through it pains me. Mike: Marriage is a compromise? I'm going to remember that.


What do you eat for breakfast? Val: I tend to eat an egg and a piece of toast—very boring. I do not eat leftovers, unlike some people I know. Mike: Leftovers, if there are good ones; otherwise toast and granola.

Is there anything you eat every day? Mike: Coffee. Val: Fruit of some sort.

Every week? Val: Eggs in some form or another. Some yogurt, not a lot. And obviously vegetables that are in season. Mike: Toast. Granola. Carrots.


What’s the most delicious thing in here? Val: My treat is ice cream. But it has to be really good, not your average grocery store freezer variety—the homemade stuff. Also, the strawberry syrup with strawberry pieces in it that I made from the last crop. You can see a combo emerging. . .

The most disgusting? Val: I did once find some meat treats for Andy the puppy that had been pushed to the back and started growing. Mike:  It's all good!

What are your three refrigerator staples? Mike: Milk, eggs, butter. Val: Maple syrup.


Where do you do most of your food shopping? Mike: Brattleboro Food Co-op.

How much do you spend on groceries each week? Mike: God only knows. Lots. Val: It really depends on the week and whether we have guests.

What item are you forbidden from purchasing right now? Val: I'm old enough to eat what I want. But if somebody put nutritional yeast on the shopping list I would nix it. Every time someone wants to make Vermont popcorn they buy more nutritional yeast.

What do you wish you had in your fridge? Val:  More ice cream. Mike: More beer.


Val is a journalist and musician. Mike is a “country squire.” They live in Marlboro, Vermont. Val is holding a jar of maple syrup and Mike is holding some Heinz ketchup.