Christy and Emily, Brooklyn, NY

Christy Emily IMG_0575 FR INT

How many people does your fridge need to feed?
Emily: Two, but we feed a lot of people that come over.

What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Emily: Eggs.
Christy: Eggs and toast.
Emily: You like to eat this crazy oatmeal with a big scoop of peanut butter in it. It kind of almost makes me gag a little bit.
Christy: It’s good! It’s peanut butter flavored. It’s good for you.

Is there anything you eat every day?
Emily: I would eat an avocado every day if I could. I almost do.
Christy: Coffee. Dark chocolate is usually present. We need some kind of sweet at the end of the day.
Emily: I wonder how much money we spend on a chocolate. It’s a staple—like, “did you pick up the chocolate?”
Christy: We don’t eat it excessively. We don’t binge. We have little bits at night.
Emily: Sometimes I do. Sometimes I eat half to a whole bar every day.
Christy: Really?
Emily: It depends if I’m on the rag or not. The heart-shaped container that's in there from Valentine’s Day is just filled with white chocolate, which neither one of us likes. I gave her some chocolates.
Christy: But then ate all the good ones.

Every week?
Christy: We cook a fish every week. And as pseudo vegetarians, we eat a lot of eggs.

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What item are you forbidden from purchasing right now?
Emily: I’m not eating any red meat, again. I just don’t feel good when I’m eating it.
Christy: No chicken, either.

What’s the most delicious thing in here?
Christy: The coconut milk is pretty awesome. But that’s not mine. Hey, it’s spelled with a “y”—what the hell?
Emily: Milk with an “i" is reserved for special milk. You know, milk from a cow. And I don’t know if you were asking G.G., but she much prefers this organic cat food.

The most disgusting?
Christy: The McClure’s Bloody Mary mixer. That’s been in there for a while. It was good at one time.

The oldest?
Emily: This is maybe the most exotic. It has a hair in it—so gross! It’s from the Austrian girls that came and stayed with us. They brought us a variety of apricots things from their village.
Christy: They’re almost like canned apricots. A little like a liqueur.
Emily: They came to visit us three years ago.
Christy: We also have a chocolate sauce from Barcelona. It’s two years old.And there's the 16 millimeter film in the freezer. I brought it from my old apartment.

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Anything you regret buying?
Emily: Yea, the tetanus shot. I got a cut in my arm and I went to the Greenpoint clinic. They do things a little odd there. They didn’t have enough tetanus shot there so they sent me across the street to get it. According to my sister, who is a nurse, that’s so wrong—you shouldn’t be walking around with what they are going to stick into your arm. Anyway, there wasn’t enough time to get it, and then we were going to a wedding, and I just never got it done. I guess now I have it in case you step on a nail.

What's your guilty pleasure?
Emily: I like the vegetarian junk food, the stuff that’s just basically wheat gluten, like those Quorn fake chick patties. We had a little Super Bowl party, just the two of us, and we got to eat all that junk food.
Christy: I really like Tollhouse cookies. Sometimes that’s the chocolate source.

Where do you do most of your food shopping?
Christy: Either Rachel’s, the deli, or Manhattan Fruit and Vegetable. The producer is fresher at Manhattan Fruit and Vegetable. Sometimes we go to the Key Food on McGuinness or the Associated on Manhattan. The Key Food is when we want to stock up on big staples.
Emily: Sometimes on Friday I shop at Trader Joe’s.
Christy: Or I go to Koreatown. That’s where I get that spicy paste. But mostly we shop within a block.
Emily: Except our condiments. The condiments are international.

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How often do you go grocery shopping?
Emily: We do a big shop every two weeks.

How much do you spend on groceries each week?
Christy: I think we probably spend close to a $100 a week, if not more. Because we don’t always do the big shops, and then we end up buying stuff at the deli, which costs more.  It’s because we don’t know when we’re going to cook.

What percentage of your meals do you cook at home?
Emily: 50/50.
Christy: We generally cook three to four times a week.
Emily: We eat breakfast here, usually.
Christy: We really only eat two meals a day. We eat breakfast kind of late—a pretty substantial breakfast at noon or one—and then we don’t again until eight or nine when we come home from work.

Is there anything in here that we would have found in your childhood fridge?
Christy: Soy sauce.
Emily: They’re not in there right now, but often I buy Eggo waffles.

What do you wish you had in here?
Christy: More fresh hearty greens. I keep meaning to get in the habit of going to the farmer’s market, but I don’t.
Emily: I wish I had all the Valentine’s Day chocolate back.

Christy Emily

Christy is a video editor and she’s holding a jar of homemade wild cranberry relish and a mostly empty box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. Emily is a pianist and she’s holding their cat, Grey Gardens Automotive High School (G.G. for short). They live in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and play together in their band, Christy & Emily.