Anyolina, Brooklyn, NY

Anyolina IMG_1683 INT

How many people does your fridge need to feed? Five: my husband; his daughter and son; my mother-in-law.

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Usually, cereal. But I like scrambled eggs with bread and butter.

Is there anything you eat every day? Eggs. I love eggs.

Every week? Fish.

Anyolina IMG_1690 FR DR

What item are you forbidden from purchasing right now? Lobster. Seafood. It’s expensive.

What’s the most delicious thing in here? The bread, turkey, and cheese I use to do a sandwich. I love it.

The most disgusting? Bacalao [dried salted cod].

The oldest? That chicken breast in the freezer.

Anyolina IMG_1692 FZ INT

What's your guilty pleasure? Pancakes. With a lot of syrup.

Where do you do most of your food shopping? BJ’s Wholesale Club.

How much do you spend on groceries each week? I think almost $30.

Anyolina IMG_1694 FZ DR

Is there anything in here that we would have found in your childhood fridge? Eggs. Milk.

What do you wish you had in here? A lot of vegetables. I like vegetables, like broccoli, carrots, lettuce, a big watermelon.


Anyolina is a Zumba instructor and lives in Williamsburg Brooklyn. She’s holding a carton of soymilk.