Julie, Orlando, and Elio, Brooklyn, NY

Julie, Orlando, ELia P1120004 INT

How many people does your fridge need to feed?Julie: Three. During the week I also have three freelancers that take milk for the cappuccino machine. What do you eat for breakfast? Julie: Yogurt and granola or eggs or cereal

Is there anything you eat every day? Julie: We have a juicer so we make juices every week. This one is ginger, spinach, and beets, and I put in some heirloom tomatoes because they were flagging. And an apple. Orlando:When I have them around, pistachios—they're my new snack. Coffee.

Every week? Julie: Pawlet cheese from the farmer’s market and eggs, and milk from the Ronnybrook guys. If you bring the bottle back it's only 2 dollars. Not all the stuff in here is ours. We split out CSA share with our neighbor each week. She's a chef. We don't cut the cabbage in half, we just trade veggies depending on what we are cooking this week. Orlando: I probably have chicken in some form. I like the Brooklyn Meat Hook chicken. It's pricey but it’s good. I'm trying to eat better but it's hard. I don't always stick to the diet I prescribe myself.

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What’s the most delicious thing in here?Julie: The Swiss chard and beet greens pie I made last night. It's Orlando’s mom’s recipe. It’s usually made with spinach but she said you can use any greens. Orlando: Grass-fed yoghurt and blackberries.

The most disgusting? Julie: Something is starting to smell. I’m thinking the cantaloupe is getting a little funky. And we have beet salad that's on its way out. Orlando: There's got to be a two-month-old daikon radish in the bottom somewhere.

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What's your guilty pleasure? Julie: It isn't in the fridge. I told you I wasn’t eating processed foods. Well, I always cheat with the Justin's peanut butter cups. I hope they really are organic! Orlando: Bacon and eggs. Frozen pork and chive dumplings from Chinatown. My cholesterol's a little high.

Where do you do most of your food shopping?Julie: The farm share and the farmer’s market, and Quechol down the street.

What item are you forbidden from purchasing right now? Julie: We try not to have anything processed. It's the goal. We're looking pretty healthy right now. Orlando: Hot dogs. How much do you spend on groceries each week?Orlando: I've been way over budget since we started eating super healthy this year. It's way more expensive. Probably $120. And that's eating out one night a week.

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Is there anything in here that we would have found in your childhood fridge? Julie: The Grey Poupon.

What do you wish you had in your fridge right now?Julie: Nothing! It's pretty good right now. Elio: Everything! Any possible thing! Orlando: Fish! Fresh fish is hard to find. The only fish I buy is one they sell at the farmers market. I think the seller is called called Pura Vida. They have local clams—stuff that's in season and wild. But if I don't get out there I don’t really get fish that week. My wife doesn't really know what to buy. She's a vegetarian. She'll maybe buy mackerel.


Julie is an architect, Orlando is a teacher, and Elio is in elementary school. They live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Julie’s holding homemade kimchi, Orlando's holding butternut squash from his CSA, and Elio is eating a purchase from Clinton Hill Pickles.